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This article provides information on setting up a softphone on an Android or iPhone. Please note that Astoundant call quality highly depends on the phone's signal quality, just like a mobile provider. Also, mobile providers may block incoming or outgoing calls from Astoundant on their 3G/4G/5G networks. Making and answering Astoundant calls using WiFi may work best.


To properly configure your softphone, you'll need the following:




host/domain/server and port number


Please open a support ticket if you don't have any of this information.



ReachMe (



SessionTalk (

Note: For text messaging capability on iPhone, SessionTalk Pro is required.


To view a larger image, right-click or tap the image and select view image.

NOTE: Call quality highly depends on the phone's network connection quality.  Mobile phone providers may block VoIP softphone calling. Making calls over WiFi is strongly recommended.


At the dialer screen, tap Settings.

Enter *97 in Voicemail dial. Tap the arrow to the right of User Details.

Enter the following information under Custom Setup.

Domain:port - host:port

UserID - Account

Password - password

Tap Apply.




Tap the blue "i" icon next to Generic SIP.


Enter the following information:

Account Name - Astoundant

Display Name - Account

UserName - Account

Password - password

Domain - the supplied host in this format:

Then the tap Advanced arrow.


Enter *97 in the Voicemail No. field. Save settings.

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