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There are four ways to transfer calls: blind, attended, semi-attended, and direct to voicemail.

To make an Attended Transfer, the person transferring the call waits until the person at the extension answers. If there is no answer or the person at the extension rejects the call, the person transferring the call can cancel the entire process and return to the original caller.

For example, David answers an incoming call and the caller asks for Emily. David wants to perform an attended transfer, so he takes the following steps using a Yealink phone:

  1. He presses the Tran key or the Transfer button. The caller is automatically placed on hold.
  2. He dials Emily's extension.
  3. He waits for Emily to answer.
  4. When Emily answers, he can ask Emily if she would like him to transfer the call to her. The caller can't hear the conversation between Emily and David.
  5. Emily decides to reject the call. David presses Cancel to end his call with Emily.
  6. The caller is still on hold. David now presses Resume, and he can now talk with the caller.

At this point, David can send the caller directly to Emily's voicemail (

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