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Parking Calls allows the user to place a caller on hold on one extension, and the same user can resume the conversation with the same caller on a different extension. For example, David is on a call, and realizes that he must go to Stephanie's desk in another room for information. David wants to resume his current call from Stephanie's extension on her desk.

To use call park:

  1. Press the transfer button (or flash if you don't have a transfer button).
  2. enter 70#.
  3. The system will state a parking lot number (e.g., 71). Remember this number!
  4. When hold music is playing, hang up the extension
  5. Dial the stated number in step 3 at the desired extension within 45 seconds to resume the call.
  6. If the parked call is not picked up within 45 seconds, the original extension that the call was parked will ring as a reminder to pick up the parked call.

Example: David presses transfer on his extension, then dials 70. The system will tell David the parking lot number (e.g., 71). When David hears hold music, he presses transfer, hangs up his extension, then proceeds to Stephanie's desk within 45 seconds. He picks up Stephanie's extension, dials the parking lot number, then resumes his call.

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