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This tutorial guides how to use Day/Night Control.

Prerequisites: Digital Receptionist and Time Conditions Premium Features must be activated on the phone service account. Day/Night Control can only be used on phones directly connected to the TruTelecom system, and cannot be accessed remotely.

Day/Night Control can be accessed by pressing the pre-programmed button on a phone, or by entering the appropriate code on a phone that does not have a pre-programmed button.

Visual Indicators (Pre-programmed phones only): Solid green light indicates that Day/Night Control is in Deactivated Mode. Incoming calls will be handled normally. A flashing green or solid red indicates Activated Mode. In Activated Mode, incoming calls will be handled as specified (e.g., sent to an out-of-office voicemail box).


1. Press the pre-programmed button, or pick up the handset and dial * followed by the 3-digit code.

2. Enter the passcode followed by #.

3. Listen for a beep and a confirmation message.

The confirmation message will state whether the feature is activated or deactivated. Activated indicates that  that incoming calls will be routed as specified. Deactivated indicates that incoming calls will be routed normally.

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